Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's Music

I dunno about you, but some days I like to fire up my iTunes and make a playlist of songs I'll listen to throughout the day.  I mostly try to choose songs that fit my mood, but sometimes they're just songs I haven't heard in a while.  Then I'll just synch it to my iPhone and life is good.  I can listen to it whenever I want.

Today's Music:
Everywhere                                                            Michelle Branch
Strange Brew                                                         Cream
Because                                                                  Dave Clark Five
That's The Way I've Always Heard it Should Be      Carly Simon
Strong Enough                                                        Sheryl Crowe
One Way Out                                                        Allman Brothers
Darkness on the Edge of Town                                Bruce Springsteen
She's Always a Woman                                           Billy Joel
Joey                                                                        Concrete Blonde
The Night Before                                                     The Beatles
On Second Avenue                                                 Art Garfunkle
Jolene                                                                     Dolly Parton
The Fairy Queen                                                     Clannad
Through Being Cool                                                Devo
Take it Easy                                                           The Eagles
Dunmore Lassies                                                   The Chieftains
I Got Mine                                                            The Black Keys
They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night              Bonnie Rideout

Pretty eclectic mix today

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