Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Mossi!!

Don Mossi was a decent pitcher for 12 seasons in the AL.  Mossi split time between Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Kansas City.  He was chiefly a reliever though Detroit started him during his five years in Motown. Made the All-Star game in '57.  Won a career high 17 games with Detroit in 1959

 But wait, as a pitcher, Mossi was decent, serviceable, but not memorable.  In only one area was Mossi world-class.  Look at those ears.  That schnozz.  Let's face it Don Mossi was major league unattractive. I remember having a couple of Don Mossi baseball cards back in the early 60's and thinking whoa, who was this guy's mom? Yes, we chiefly remember Mossi because he was Hall of Fame ugly.  Sorry Don, I'm but sure you already knew. Have a happy birthday.

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