Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sam Wo's closes

Every so often one comes across a little smidgeon from our past we thought we'd forgotten and today I found one.  Sam Wo's is closing.  Once, long, long ago I was a student at San Francisco State University.  Fall of 1975.  I don't have fond memories of school.  It was one semester in my life that I wasn't very proud of, though I met some wonderful people I wish I was still in touch with. 

I was a transfer student junior in what was mostly a urban commuter college.  A very good friend, Pat McConnell was a also a junior, had lived on campus two years and knew the City well.  I had a car and Pat and a few friends piled into my '74 Pinto and headed off to Chinatown.  Sam Wo's was an absolute dive.  A few tables stuck away in the second floor above the kitchen.  The food, however was awesome.  The link to the story about the restaurant closing talks about the rude waiter, and I don't remember him.  I do remember asking for a fork, while all my friends could use chopsticks.  I did get a dirty look.  I remember the four of us ate for slightly more than $6.00.  Visited Sam Wo's twice, and I'll never forget.

Wonder where Pat is now.

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