Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Been Four Weeks

Monday May 7th was the night we lost Jack.  I don't mean to be maudlin or depressing, but honestly it's been a tough four weeks. Most days are good.  I'm busy, and that's my typical modus operandi.  Work consumes my thoughts and my time.  I try to paint figures at home, update my blogs, keep up with my e-mail and the Mariners, etc., etc.  But there are those moments, before sleep, or when I wake up in the morning, or when Lorri just wants to talk and we remember . . .  And that's when it's still hard. 

My wife handed me a very nice keepsake last night.  It's a little keychain with three stamped metal plates.  The largest one says "My Boy Jack."  She bought it for me to help me feel better.  It was a really nice thought, and the sentiment is really how I think of him.  I'm not sure it makes me feel better, but I really do appreciate the thought.

So, what now? We have another dog, Lucy, and I've never appreciated her as much as I do now. I cuddle my Lucy and bury my face in her fur, but it's not quite the same as my Jack.  Lucy is sweet and shy, except around food, and the house is quiet and strange. It once bubbled with action and sound, and we often complained  My red dog's ashes sit in a box, waiting for a plan.  Tonight is the last night of deadline until October, so I'm looking forward to putting some work into a special place under the big maple tree in the backyard for Jack's remains. My life feels as though I'm on hold.

We're trying to move on; we miss him so.  We worry about Lucy and know she is lonely.  We decided to welcome another dog into our family this summer to keep Lucy company and add one more generation of Aussies to our life.  We believe we'll be buying Amos, a beautiful red merle from Lucy's breeder in July.  We don't expect him to be Jack, but according to his breeder, the two boys have a lot in common-good and bad. 
Amos is two, though this is a puppy picture.
Until then, this will be the last post about my missing friend.  I just needed to say it.

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