Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three is not necessarily a crowd

On Monday night Lorri and I cruised down I-5 to pick up Rusty.  I mentioned him in a previous post about Amos and Lucy.  Lorri has been in close contact with Rusty's breeder and we went down to Steamboat Island to visit with him a few weeks ago.  Amos and Lucy were quite excited to meet him, and Lorri and Deb made final arrangements for us to pick him up. 

Lots of complications, but chief among them was that Rusty was also neutered on Monday.  Yikes.  So were tearing this poor dog away from his mommy at almost the exact time his manhood was being ripped from him. 

After lots of well-intentioned good advice from Deb, we drove away with this poor whimpering dog.  Lorri managed to get him through the night relatively unscathed, and he woke up, not too much the worse for wear, but in some pain.  As Lorri worked through the morning at home, he was fairly whiny, but in the afternoon things picked up and he seemed much happier.  I left work fairly early and went dog-shopping, picking up needed items for around the house.

Rusty is incredibly athletic, affectionate, and well-mannerred.  He's a great addition to the family.  We've replaced his "cone of shame" with this decorative life preserver until his incision heals.

Our Lucy, sitting with Lorri hoping for one last slice of pizza.

Two views of Amos.  This one in his favorite place under the computer desk.

His second favorite place is with Lorri, literally under foot.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the red out of his eyes for this picture.  He has the most beautiful Aussie-eyes I've ever seen.  He's the most beautiful dog I could ever imagine owning (if you could actually own a family member.)
When I got home from Petco and Costco I was mobbed by three pretty happy dogs, each vying for attention.  Rusty is bigger than Amos and Lucy, he is a love bug and likes attention.  He jumps up on my lap and loves to wash my face.  I love that!!.  He seems to like the other dogs, and they are anxious to play with him when he is a bit more on the mend. I've got some pictures here so you can see.

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