Friday, March 7, 2008

Why Is This Here

I've reconstitued this blog. It was originally about my efforts to become National Board certified, which I abandoned a couple of years ago. Now it's really just my observations of and reactions to the world around me.

There will certainly be some things that attract a bit more of my attention. It's an election year, and a unique election year at that. I'm sure I'll have something to share about Barak Obama or whoever the eventual Democratic nominee is. This is my first year as JagWire adviser, I'm a new journalist in the making. Already with our very controversial oral sex issue, I've become something of a celebrity, though the fame is strictly unwanted. I may post some book reviews from my reading, and perhaps how that ties into what I'm teaching. Last, but not least, I confess to being a die hard Mariners fan. I am already excited that the home town team has at last embarked on their Cactus League schedule, and having answered some of their starting pitching issues will be playing some actual games. It's all a good thing.

Anyway, I hope somebody reads this once in a while, but if not, it's nice to have a place to come and share my perspectives.

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