Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Speech

I didn't have the opportunity to fully watch Obama's speech on race yesterday. I tried to pick it up on YouTube, but it was 37 minutes long. Of course Barak is a wonderful speaker, but the wonder was not just the in speaker, but in the words. I've heard lots of crap talked about this speech by those who must not have heard it. However, I believe it will be remembered as the most important speech on race in America in the last forty years.

In the talk Obama dealt with the issue of Jeremiah Wright, and the seeks to quell the voices of reproach and condemnation, but rejecting the divisive words of Rev. Wright, but with the understanding that his ties to Wright cannot be reduced to the characterization of pundits and YouTube videos. Beyond this explanation, however, Obama went on to acknowledge the reluctance of immigrant families-like my own-to share in the responsibility for the past injustices of slavery, and their remedies, such as affirmative action. In addition to listing the injustices African Americans have suffered even in the last fifty years, this speech was magnificent in its breadth and depth.

I've added a link to the Obama home page in order to link to the video, and just as importantly the transcript of the speech. Whether you are an Obama supporter or not, it will make you think.

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