Sunday, April 6, 2008

All Things Considered

Last year I wrote how gaining my position at Emerald Ridge was like a dream come true. Today I say I was wrong. It has turned into a learning experience, but what I have learned most about is myself. I know now that I enjoy the small size of the elementary community. It simply seemed that we were all in this together. I have felt like a person apart this year, and that is not who I am. I've also had a difficult time connecting with my students. On reflection, the reason I remained at elementary for so many years is the connections I made with a class-having them all day long, getting to know them and their parents. For some reason I have not made a similar connection with my high school students.

All this, of course, is complicated by my relationship to JagWire. I have always enjoyed it. I love my students, I like the work, I love the learning. However, I have not liked the repercussions of the Oral Sex issue. I increasingly feel like I am being scapegoated for the fallout from this, and it is a humiliation I will not endure quietly. There is little question that the best thing for me is to return to Firgrove if possible.

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