Thursday, January 8, 2009

In Search of Floodwaters

I set off on a little search this afternoon, to find the raging floodwaters of the Puyallup. School was closed today because of the danger of these waters, but I had a hard time finding 'em. Actually the decision to close came last night on the prediction of historically high flooding on the river which neatly bisects our district.

Fortunately, the river crested this morning slightly below flood level which is a very good thing. My travels through the valley to Orting didn't find roads closed this afternoon, or people hurriedly barricading their homes against the rising waters. However there was clear evidence that water had been there with fields inundated around Alderton and McMillan.

The picture is of I-5 which is the main interstate artery running north and south through Washington State at Centralia, about sixty miles south of here. It is underwater, by as much as ten feet. Currently the freeway is closed and will remain so, likely through at least Friday, and perhaps longer. All east west corridors through the mountains are also closed, so the state has effectively had road commerce shut off for the next few days until the nasty weather and its aftermath resolves itself.

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