Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Foothills Trail: First time

Yesterday I took my bike down to the Foothills trail and traveled from the Meeker Junction to the McMillan Station. Altogether, it was a round trip of just over nine miles. It was pretty enjoyable. The weather was perfect, high seventies. Not much of a grade anywhere. I did have a bit of physical trouble--cramp behind my right knee, which was a bit scary. I did my best to make it stop, which was to slow down, and it concerns me a bit for future rides.

Foothills Trail is a great local resource. It actually took me less time to ride than to drive to and from. I'd like to go down there again, maybe on Sunday and try to ride from Meeker to Orting and back. That would be about fifteen miles.

No, the picture is not of me. It's from the Tour de Pierce, which will be held on the 28th. I'm looking at maybe riding the thirty mile course if that's possible.

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