Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Last Post

This has always been a difficult blog for me to keep up.  From the title of the blog I always intended that it be my views of politics and popular culture from the Northwest.  I've had a hard time hitting my stride, but I must say that I've really enjoyed posting the last six weeks or so.  So here is my mini-manifesto on what you can expect to see on this blog this year.

 1.  Baseball, particularly Mariners baseball.  I'm a homer, I admit it.  I don't follow other teams real closely.  I simply don't have the time or energy.  But the home towne team is important to me.  I remember when Seattle had a team and watched it move away and the emptiness I felt as a local baseball fan.  There is a lot of anger in the M's community right now, but I will never turn my back on them because I remember . . . I'll also do my best to recognize baseball birthdays and baseball obituaries, and not just the hall of famers.

 2.  I love movies.  Old ones, new ones, good ones bad ones.  I'll review them, offer suggestions, do best of lists.  Some may be obvious, others may not, some may be just weird. That's okay, it's something I'm passionate about.
3.  I am also a music person.  I used to think I knew a lot about music, now I just feel old.  I have some perspectives others may not have and I'd like to share them with you.  Maybe we can swap some dialogue (which is why there is a comment box.)

 4.  I'm really a book person.  I love to read, and I read every day even if its just for fifteen minutes or so before I sleep.  I'll continue to keep a what I'm reading box, and will, periodically make some suggestions.  I like to set goals for myself, so I'll tell you up front I hope to read twenty-six books over the course of the year, one every other week.  I'll review those that are worth your time.  I'm not really in my book acquisitions so they aren't likely to be the next big thing, but you may find them interesting. 

5.  Finally, I may occasionally have something political to say.  It will be about a current issue and won't be ideological bashing (I hate that.)  I confess to being center-left which I guess puts me in a minority, but I do believe the country is pretty screwed up at the present, and I can offer my views as well as the next guy-including those in power. 

 If you're a regular visitor to From the Upper Left Corner, thanks for your support.  I love writing, but knowing that others read what I've written is inspiring.  Don't hesitate to comment.  I love to read 'em.


Dave S. said...


I'm looking forward to spring training and the new M's season. Although I was surprised to read about Aardsma's surgery. I guess he won't get traded now.

I picked up the third book in Morris' Roosevelt trilogy as my present to myself. I've enjoyed the other two and look forward the digging into this one.

Kevin said...

I have Theodore Rex, but alas, have never quite gotten around to reading it. Ah well, unpainted figures, unread books, the nature of the beast. I'm trying to reform.