Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Hall of Fame Ballot

I've included my official MLB Hall of Fame ballot.  No, it's not real, something about having to be a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America.  Sounds elitist to me.  Nevertheless I've included my ballot with my choices highlighted.

 Roberto Alomar                                 Bert Blyleven
 Jack Morris                                       Barry Larkin
 Lee Smith                                          Edgar Martinez
 Tim Raines                                        Mark McGwire
 Alan Trammell                                   Fred McGriff
 Don Mattingly                                   Dave Parker
 Harold Baines                                   Carlos Baerga
 Jeff Bagwell                                      Brett Boone
 Kevin Brown                                    John Franco
 Juan Gonzalez                                   Marquis Grissom
 Lenny Harris                                     Bobby Higginson
 Charles Johnson                               Al Leiter
 Tino Martinez                                   Raul Mondesi
John Olerud                                      Rafael Palmeiro
 Kirk Reuter                                      Benito Santiago
 B.J. Surhoff                                      Larry Walker

I've joined the Blyleven converts.  If I can argue that Felix Hernandez should win the Cy Young Award, it seems to me Bert should be in the Hall.

Roberto Alomar is a no brainer and should have gotten in last year.

Alan Trammell was so good for so long the only thing that seems a mystery to me is how his double play partner, Lou Whittaker, could fall off the ballot so quickly.

Barry Larkin was very good on some bad teams.  

Bagwell's career was not long, but he amassed 449 home runs played mostly in a pitcher's cavern.  He had a career OPS+ of 149, played a good first base, and somehow managed to steal 202 bases.  He should be in, though I doubt he'll make it this year.

 Larry Walker was a graceful right fielder with a great arm.  He was a dangerous hitter with a career 140 OPS+ and  389 career home runs.  Rookie of the Year with Montreal in 1990, Walker went on to be NL MVP with Colorado in 1997.  Often injured, one wonders how much better he may have been healthy.  Again, not a shoo in on the first ballot.

 Once again I voted for Edgar Martinez.  Hopefully as the writers think objectively about his achievements and lose their prejudice against DH's he'll at least improve over last year's 36.2%.  Hell, Don't Ask, Don't Tell was axed yesterday, maybe the writers can take that next step too.

Brett Boone is on my ballot because, well, he's Brett Boone.  He had the most memorable season I can ever remember seeing, in 2001.  It's my thank you to him for that.  I assure you Boone won't be on the ballot next year.

No Mark McGwire or Rafael Palmeiro.  I know there are those who want to rehabilitate the image of known steroid users, but I'm not there yet.  I'm sure at some point the writers will relent and begin voting them in, but I'm certainly not there yet.  Despite McGwire's admission and apology last year, which I believe was heartfelt and honest, he still didn't connect drug use to performance.  Palmeiro is merely despicable, insisting in front of Congress he did not take steroids and then found using the following season.  No time for that shit.

Here is a link to statistics for those on the Hall of Fame ballot by 


TK said...

I agree with most of your ballot, however there are few exceptions.

First off, I do have a soft spot for Mark McGwire. Yes, I agree that steroids do not have a place in the Hall, however Mark did come out and admit guilt (sort of). Because of this, I believe that he may earn more votes than previous. Plus, I look at individuals that you did place on your ballot: Boone Walker, and Bagwell especially, who, in my opinion, may have been as big of Roiders as McGwire. But, I'll agree with you that the voters will pass on him again.

The other two that I would take into serious consideration are Tim Raines and Don Mattingly.

Tim Raines was one of the best complete athletes of the 80's. Unfortunately he did not play on such great teams as Rickey Henderson did, but he could change the flow of the game single-handedly in the same way as Rickey. Now, as a HUGE Rickey Henderson fan, I am not saying Raines was as good as Henderson, because he wasn't. However, I still believe that he deserves a legitimate shot at the Hall.

Mattingly defined the 80s. There wasnt a classier individual and Donnie Baseball had several great seasons. I believe he'll get a shot in the same way Raines will.

Curious your sentiments on both.

Kevin said...

And that's the big question for the whole era. Who took the drugs and who didn't? I have a feeling that at some point there will be a general amnesty given, but it would be nice if we knew whose names appeared in the Mitchell report.

I like Rickey Henderson and think he was one of the most talented players ever. I could see Raines getting into the Hall and wouldn't have a problem with it at all. I love athletic, fast ballplayers and he's got lots of hits and stolen bases. I think he's someone who might have difficulty because he doesn't have those magic numbers in home runs and hits, so his voters have to be willing to evaluate him based on his skill set. I hope they do consider him.

Mattingly was a good player, but his career just wasn't long enough and he was so injured I just don't think he has the longevity needed for the Hall.

Thanks for following. I'll try to post fairly regularly.