Sunday, July 8, 2012

The day Amos came to live with us

It was 93 degrees yesterday in Moses Lake.  I could use a few days away from the heat I thought I left in Virginia.  We were at the Blue Heron city park to meet Marilyn and Randie Gadberry. We'd invited Lucy to join us and she was a quiet, but concerned companion during our trip across the mountains. 
This photo simply doesn't do Amos justice.  He is a beautiful dog with unusual coloring and markings.
The Gadberrys arrived shortly after noon, as planned, with Amos.  Amos is a beautiful red merle with marbled eyes.  It was a trying day for him.  He was so scared he was shaking.  Leaving his home, in a car, being given to people far away from the family he'd always known was really hard for him.  He could scarcely get settled in the Subaru during the three hour drive home.

Lucy isn't wild about a new companion in the house.  She's snapped at him a couple of times, which has added to his discomfort.  I give him lots of attention, though this morning he seemed even more standoffish than ever.  It will take time, but I know we'll be friends.  We've already been for a morning walk and had breakfast. 

"What am I doing here??!!  It's too damned hot!!"  Lucy was an impatient passenger yesterday.

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